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KYChina ( is a comprehensive Shanghai local business & legal consulting agency,located in Pu Dong new district near LuJiazui Financial Center,Shanghai China.KYChina Provide Business Registration,WFOE Setup,Accounting & Tax,Opening Bank Account,Legal virtual registered address,Foreign investment,Legal Consulting.China Business Registration Consulting Email : .
KYChina is familiar with Chinese business law,knows everything about Chinese business law, understands how to communicate with foreign investors and Chinese government authorities.KYChina's clients are coming from different industries and countries.Different industries including consulting,construction,trading,electronic,mechanical and engineering,new materials,technology,auto,food,yacht,chemical industry,etc.
KYChina specializes in the package service of legal consulting,business registration,accounting and business operation.KYChina has an elite team including some dedicated accountants,taxation advisers,business consultants,interpreters and governmental advisers.

Unlike the other business consulting agencies,KYChina focus on early stage legal consulting and program planning.We understand that any foreign investors need to consider everything before they invest in Shanghai.So we help them understand everything they need to know about business investing in Shanghai.But at the same time,we help them get their business registered efficiently and quickly.

KYChina's services are mainly included in the following 5 categories:
  • Category 1: Company Registration,Government Approval,Business License Management,Bank Account Opening.
  • Category 2: Book Keeping,Financial reports,Invoice Application and all kinds of annal inspection.
  • Category 3: Official Visa Invitation management,Trade name/mark Registration,External loan management.
  • Category 4: Merge and Acquisition,Equity Transference,Company Alteration and Capital Increasing/Decreasing.
  • Category 5: Factory hunting,Virtual address providing and physical address recommendation.
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Do you want to take your current business and make it better? Are you short on funds necessary to launch your business idea?At KYChina we give entrepreneurs a complete solution that enables you to come into China and start your business.KYChina offer a Turn Key Solution from  Registering your Company , find you a Virtual office solution and sorting out your company tax and Accounting , so that you can concentrate on DOING BUSINESS! KYChina offer an array of choices to fit your business model. Contact KYChina NOW !

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Investing Service
Company Registry
Apply Name
Opening Bank

Invest in China

Making Plans

Company Registration,WFOE Establishment,Name Approval.

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Tax Rebates
Account Book


Supporting Plans

Taxation declaration, Export tax rebates, Book keeping & CPA

investment legal consulting
Legal Consulting
China Visa
Project Approval
Capital Changing

Legal Consulting

Execute Plans

Certificates management, Visa management, Special License.

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One-Stop Service

6 Core Sectors

Departments of KYChina

To assist Foreign Companies to enter the Chinese market Quickly,provide ONE-STOP solution.

4 Core Advantages

KYChina's Advantages

Have the cooperation networks with law offices and consulting agency companies all over the world.

5 Legal Services
7*24 Get Support

Business Consulting

Provided consulting/agency services for foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai.

40+ Countries Customers

KYChina Lawyer Blog

Professional investment legal advisory lawyer. China business investment law service.

9 Important Functions

KYChina's Functions

Approval of contract,articles of association and legal significant alteration of foreign investment projects.

KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
Your idea will always get KYChina's support. And based on deep understanding of Chinese economy and foreign investment background, KYChina has the abilities to support your ideas.