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Package Service of Legal: China Business Registration Accounting Management Business operation of later period

KYChina Team including: Lawyers,Accountants,Tax advisers Business Consultants Government advisors and etc.

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Unlike the regular peer companies,KYChina lay stress on the legal consulting and program planning of early period.

KYchina aim to understand our clients needs and spare no effort to provide the best company formation for You.

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Setup WFOE

WFOE means enterprises which are established inside China in accordance with Chinese laws.

WFOE's capital are all invested by foreign enterprises,economic institutions or individuals.

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KYChina Business Registration Law Agent Firm. Provide different solutions according to the consulting of early period.

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KYChina is more familiar with Chinese business law and knows very well the differences between the laws Culture and communication.

Company Formation -- Set Up WFOE

China Representative Office establishment and Chinese Company registration,WFOE setup,there are 20 steps of business registration after KYChina's consultant has confirmed the register address,company name,business scope,register capital,and industry informations .

Since there's different requirements between different industries during the registration process,please make a specific consulting to KYChina's business consultant,so you can get better understanding of the different documents required for company establishment.

Accounting Management & Consulting

As one of the well known foreign investment enterprises,KYChina provide global clients with financial accounting management and consulting services.One-Stop service including earlier stage,middle stage and later stage of financial and taxation issues.

KYChina has accountants,tax experts and tax agents to provide one-stop financial and taxation consulting.Help foreign invested enterprises with tax regulation,legally tax avoidance,provide strategic management of financial and taxation rationalization and legalization.

Visa Management Services

One-Stop services of alien employee's recruitment,entry,employment visa,invitation letter,work permit,residence permit,visa extension and such related services of our membership enterprises.

During this process,you'll join KYChina's professional consultant together to experience the management procedure of government approval.Because of the policy changing all the time,there might be different situation,so,please contact KYChina Visa Service Center adviser in advance.

Business Consulting Services

KYChina has provided consulting/agency services for foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai,China,including regional headquarters of multinational corporations,Fortune 500 enterprises,R&D centers,service outsourcing enterprises,investment companies.

KYChina team have been engaged in business consulting industry for more than 3+ years on average.KYChina proficient in Chinese and English and have a deep understanding of demand of well-known multinational companies of various industries.

Representative Office Registration

First of all,registered representative offices in Shanghai,need to lease a fixed office space,foreign company appointed the chief representative in Shanghai China.

Application form for establishment Registration of the Foreign Enterprise Representative Office.Certificate of incorporation of the Foreign Enterprise in existence for at least 2 years and the domicile certificate of the Foreign Enterprise.Power of attorney or other authorization certificate to Foreign Enterprise's authorized representative issued by the foreign enterprise.


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KYChina have been in Greater China for more than 12+ years.
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You can get your proposal and cost offer from KYChina.And these early stage consulting are all free.

WFOE Setup
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Chinese Visa

KYChina provide all kinds of visa application,quickly and efficiently. 12 main types of china visa.

Visa Application
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Comprehensive financial strategic management service institution which deserves your trusty.

Accounting Service
4 Trade Zones

Shanghai FTZ

Registration address in FTZ,including virtual and actual address for company registration.

Free Trade Zone
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Legal Consulting

Business consulting,legal services,foreign investment service agency,investment consulting,management.

Business Laws
15 Legal Services

FDI Consulting

Foreign invested enterprises in China will be involved with many kinds of FDI legal consulting.

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