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Procedures and documents required for Employment Visa
Mainly involves 7 steps:f visa
1.User card for Employment Visa.
2.Employment License:
  • Application form,business license,business code,copy of certificate of approval,resume,relevant qualification of the position(sealed by Foreign Company),education certificate(sealed by Foreign Company),copy of passport.Period of validity is 6 months after being issued.
3.Letter of invitation:
  • Application on the Shanghai Commerce Committee,get the letter of invitation at Commerce Committee after get the approval.
  • Period of validity is 30 days.
4.Entry with Employment Visa:
  • Management the employment permit to the Chinese Embassy with original <Alien Employment License>and the letter of invitation by the Commerce Committee by oneself.
  • Then entry with Employment Permit.
5.Health certificate:
  • Make an appointment of health management on a week before come to Shanghai.
  • Take the health examination at No.15,Jin bang road,Changning area,Shanghai after came to Shanghai,the result should be out in about one week.You can get the result by yourself or ask them delivery it to you.
  • Manage by oneself is 700 RMB,take the original and copy of valid documentation,four 2-inch half-length bareheaded photos,copy of business license and approval certificate,letter of invitation and employment contract form working company.
6.Employment Permit:
  • Two employment registration form,employment license,labor contract/certificate of remuneration payment form overseas company(sealed by foreign company),passport(original) and vocational visa,health certificate,three 2-inch photos,5 working days.
7.Residence permit:
  • Application form,accommodation certificate(original),passport and visa (original),health certificate (original),official letter of application,approval certificate,business license,code certificate (original and copy),employment permit,employment registration form.
  • Need to appear for the first time,No.1500 Minsheng road.
  • Passport will be taken for 5 working days.

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