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customs annual

Foreign company yearly check of the customs - foreign companies from 2013 to 2014 annual work meeting
In order to strengthen the foreign capital enterprise to participate in the Shanghai customs inspection work instruction,by KYchina foreign-invested enterprises service center for subordinate 1260 foreign enterprises pay a return visit and investigation,foreign capital enterprise in customs inspection found in the actual operation process is not very clear,as a result,on November 2,2012 "about KYchina service center to do 2013-2014 foreign-invested enterprises customs inspection work regular meeting,to report the yearly check of the enterprise and the work requirements.

Specific Requirement of Customs annual inspection:
1.The foreign capital enterprise yearly check of the customs data report summary: report + data + balance sheet and profit and loss + declarants import and export enterprise eligible + storage data statistics.
2.KYchina foreign investment service center of customs for foreign companies should focus on the data verified: investment situation,tariffs are two major of master data.
3.To foreign customs import and export enterprise annual inspection program,by the original 1 month to 2 weeks.
4.For brocade industry members are engaged in import and export enterprise's annual updates commodity code.
5.Tax rebates in the customs declaration data files are set up contact with enterprise.

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