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Frequently Asked Questions About China Business.

Q:What are the main company registration forms in China?
A:WFOE,Sino-foreign joint venture,RO.For the difference,you can refer to the following information.
Q:What can KYChina do to help me with the legal issues?
A:KYChina is a professional business consulting service company.We are dedicated to helping foreign investors register companies in China,establish representative company,company alteration,accounting service,annual survey,audit,bank account opening,capital verification, “Z”visa,human resource,trademark,merge and acquisition,foreign debt registration,right to impot and export,inspection and quarantine and the whole package service of investment planning.
Q:Can you offer us the registration address?
A:Of course.KYChina provides all kinds of virtual address to adapt to the different needs of different industries.
Q:Is is all right not to do the accounting report and annual survey after registration?
No.In accordance with the accounting standard in China,the company shall submit the report monthly and attend the annual survey.Or the company will get fined from the Chinese government as “unqualified industry” and even has it business license revoked.
Q: If the company involves import and export, is there any requirements particular?
A:No.Only if the goods comply with Chinese customs HS code rules,the company can have the third party to do the entry.Some goods may involve the commodity inspection.
Q:Wha is the business scope if we want to set up an IT company?
A:It mainly deals with the technology development of computer software,technology consulting,technical services,technology transfer and also impot and export of technologies.
Q:Is there any difference between RO and investment company?
A:Yes.And for your reference, RO is non-profit institution and it cannot issue the invoice to the clients.What’s more, the transactions must be connected through its foreign parent company.
Q:What is the registration fees for Chines company registration?
A:For different industries,registered capital and bank account opening,the fees are different.For more details,please consult  We refuse the unreasonable charges and we insist on price transparency.shanghai laws  various certificates and license
Q:What is the minimum of the registered capital?
A:In the practice,the registered capital usually goes like 100,000$,the 20% of which should be injected in the earlier period,that is,20,000$.
Q:How long does it regularly take?
A:Service company normally takes about 8 weeks and the companies involving import and export 12weeks.
Q:Can we apply for “Z”visa to enter China after the company registration?
A:Visa invitations can be sent to abroad in the name of the Chinese company.And after entering in China,you can manage the work permit,physical examination and residence permit application.
Q:Which banks can I choose to open the bank account?
A:There are a lot of banks you can choose after you Shanghai Company Set Up.As long as it is a bank, you can apply for it. But the cost and time of bank opening are different between different banks. You can consult with KYChina consultant for specific information.
Q:Can I apply for a loan after my Chinese Company’s registration?
A:Yes, you can. You can apply for a loan form parent company or other financial institutions, and apply for external debt registration at Foreign Exchange Bureau.
Q:How should I present my registration business scope?
A:Chinese government has different rules for different industry for WFOE. For specific information, you can contact KYChina directly.
Q:Does the register capital of WFOE in China must be injected from investor's own country?
A:No,you can From other countries into capital.
Q:Must I be present?
A:Not necessarily.The application documents can be delivered to you, so you don’t have to be here. But KYChina suggest you do, cause there are many future legal issues need to be discussed.
Q:How can I get more help from KYChina?
A:You can call KYChina's consultant.
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