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About to do a good job of KYchina finance tax annual annual liquidation
For yearly check the work of tax authorities,2013 Shanghai KYchina financial center of its domestic and foreign enterprises to apply for business provide the payable or refundable amount,on November 16,2012 the work of the finance department meetings,KYchina company leaders meeting guide for 2013 the payable or refundable amount of work. Meeting minutes as below.
  • 1.Enterprise tax inspection,tax registration,organization of data and the report data table information such as the need to prepare in advance.
  • 2.The archives work of the finance department for brocade industry provides effective method.
  • 3.For the amount of enterprise sales,profits,and other data in a timely manner to master.
  • 4.For the liquidation of enterprises according to the procedures on a tight leash.
  • 5.Enterprises should establish archives in advance,for the Shanghai ahead of time to communicate with investors.
  • 6.About fill in the customs and foreign exchange data in a foreign capital enterprise.

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