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UK’s Welsh Government External Affairs Director Calls on SPAFFC
On March 12, Yu Jianhao, vice-counselor (of DDG rank) at the Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (SPAFFC), met with Gary Davies, director of external affairs of the Welsh government of the UK and his party. The two sides had a warm and friendly discussion about further cooperation and exchange in various areas.
Yu Jianhao appreciated Wales’s successful exchange with Shanghai in general and the SPAFFC in particular. He expected the two sides to have more cooperation in cultural creation, educational and youth areas and let local people to know more about Wales through practical and effective exchanges.
Gary Davies said that Wales gives priority to its exchange with Shanghai and it keeps sound communication with the Shanghai departments concerned. It has conducted substantive exchanges and projects with Shanghai in the areas of low-carbon environmental protection, library, commerce, trade and medium- and small-sized businesses. He thanked the SPAFFC for the support to the Welsh office in Shanghai over the years, and cited the highly favorable feedback from the youngsters after attending a youth interactive friendship camp in Shanghai last year, saying that the Welsh government will send a group again to attend the event this year. Also, the Welsh government will launch its official website in Chinese language soon, in a hope to attract more Chinese readers.

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