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H.R. Services,which could offer one-stop HR services start from staff on-board service,pay for staffs salary and social insurances,consulting for HR related laws and regulations, "China Desk" service which could help foreign companies without branch offices or representative offices inside China to hire Chinese staffs or foreign staffs, and help those foreign staffs to apply for/renew/change their working visa management services and residence permit.
The Main HR services of KYChina are as follows.
1.Recruitment Service.
According to our clients' recruitment requirements,KYChina could help to recruit staffs through all kinds of recruitment channels.
2."China Desk" Services.
According to our clients' instruction, KYChina H.R. service could hire both Chinese and foreign staffs for those foreign companies which have not set up a branch office or representative office inside China and work for headquarter of the foreign companies aboard. And KYChina could help those foreign staffs to apply for/renew/change their working visa and residence permit.
3.H.R. Outsource Services.china hr service
-Deal with staffs on board and quit job procedures.
-Calculate and hand in social insurance and housing fund for the staffs.
-Calculate and pay for the staffs' salary.
-Offer solutions for staffs additional KYChina welfares.
-Other benefits for the staffs.
4.Staff Dispatch Services.
-Recruit staffs according to the clients' requirements.
-Sign the labor contract and dispatch contract with the staffs.
-Assistant the clients to manage the dispatched staffs.
-Solutions for the staff KYChina welfares and benefits.
-Assist for the dispatched staff for social insurances and working protection.
5.Professional HR Consulting Services.
-Professional solutions for HR related work and procedures.
-Professional consulting for HR related regulations and laws.
-Help clients to deal with the labor disputes with the staffs.

KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
Your idea will always get KYChina's support. And based on deep understanding of Chinese economy and foreign investment background, KYChina has the abilities to support your ideas.