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Investment Promotion
The objectives of KYChina is to synergize nationwide resources and capacities in investment promotion,and provide a unified platform for China's investment promotion; to enable effective implementation of regional economic integration arrangements in line with the Government's overall investment promotion strategies;to assist governments at all levelsin improving the investment environment,public image and FDI quality;to develop diversified investment promotion products,and provide efficient service to foreign investors in China;and to facilitate Chinese enterprises investing overseas and participate in international economic and technical cooperation projects.
KYChina Advisory Committee shall be composed of the heads of international organizations and eminent Chinese and foreign experts,the local government officials of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. 
The committee shall convene an annual roundtable in China to review recent developments in global investment trends and policies,analyze emerging and topical issues related to China's inward and outward investment,and propose ideas,initiatives and pragmatic solutions for the Chinese Government and the Council.
KYChina has a professional working group,a consultant group composed of prestigious experts in investment promotion,five secondary branches and a growing membership. 
The council has established strategic cooperative partnership with many international organizations,associations,and investment promotion agencies. 
With excellent creative,coordinative and ability and resources from both home and abroad,KYChina has become an energetic and promising power in China's investment promotion field.

KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
Your idea will always get KYChina's support. And based on deep understanding of Chinese economy and foreign investment background, KYChina has the abilities to support your ideas.